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Looks small: but it's really big on performance!

Unique air purifier with HNF³ nanoparticle filter: the nanoCLEAN from Dahle is high-tech for your health. The Dahle nanoparticle filter not only removes mites, dust and micrometre-sized particles from room air, but also breathable, harmful nanoparticles down to 10 nanometres (10 times smaller than a speck of dust!)

This is something conventional HEPA filters can't do: but nanoCLEAN can!

Dahle // stay healthy: without nanoparticles

Healthy room air with nanoCLEAN

Health is our most precious asset

Healthy room air with nanoCLEAN 

This is why the ECARF Foundation has awarded nanoCLEAN the "tested allergy-friendly quality" label. ECARF-certified products are suitable for people suffering from allergies and intolerances. Providing a special addition benefit, they help to alleviate everyday life for sufferers. In the way that Dahle nanoCLEAN does.

Nanopartikelfilter mit vielen Vorteilen. Dahle NanoCLEAN

Practical & compact

For flexible use – everywhere

  • Air purifier with nanoparticle filter for healthy feel-good environments at the workplace and at home
  • Filters 99.4 % of all nanoparticles, dust, animal hair, mites, bacteria, mould, cigarette smoke and pollen from air
  • Without releasing harmful ozone
  • The recyclable, three-ply nonwoven material retains hazardous breathable nanoparticles down to 10 nanometers (0.00001 mm)
  • Quiet operation means the unit can also be positioned directly at the bedside.
  • At the workplace, compact dimensions permit use directly at the point of origin (e.g. printer, copier)
  • Easy to operate, three settings with automatic function
  • Filter easy to change and dispose of
  • recommended by ECARF for allergy sufferers

Placement close to the source of contamination creates a healthy working atmosphere

Quiet operation for an undisturbed work environment even in open-plan offices

Easy operation with three output settings and automatic function

Filter easy to change without any disposal problems

99.4% fewer nanoparticles

High-performance HNF³ nano particle filter

99.4% fewer nanoparticles

With its three-ply design and electrostatically charged microfibres, DAHLE nanoCLEAN filters 99.4 % of all nanoparticles and impurities from the air in a room, trapping even the finest breathable nanoparticles. 

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Wohlfühlzonen ohne Nanopartikel

For healthy feel-good environments

clean air wherever you want it

DAHLE nanoCLEAN is small and compact, making it extremely mobile. It can be used wherever there are people and provides healthy feel-good environments. For instance, at the workplace, in children's rooms or - because it is so quiet - directly at the bedside.

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Service from Dahle

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We are proud of our products and guarantee excellent material quality and finish. Dahle products carry the GS tested safety certification mark and undergo numerous quality checks during production.

In the event that anything should fail to work in the way you expect it to, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service experts at any time. We will be pleased to help you. 

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