hochwertige Schneidegeräte von Dahle: Cutter, Schneidelineal, Schneidematte

Cutting instruments

Dahle: your expert for a neat cut

All of our expertise and many years of experience from producing professional cutting machines goes into selecting first-class materials and suitable processes for producing Dahle cutting instruments. 

Scissors, cutters, scalpels, cutting rulers and much more besides. The range of cutting instruments from Dahle: perfection in every cut!

Dahle // the exact and creative way to cut

individuelles Schneiden mit Dahle Scheren


cutting in just the way you want with Dahle

For precision cutting in craftwork, in the office or wherever you choose! Scissors from Dahle are precision-ground and made of stainless steel. The ergonomically shaped scissor handles in high-quality plastic are impact-resistant, dishwasher-proof and colour-fast. 

Top Dahle quality and perfected functionality: cut in just the way you want with scissors from Dahle!

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Dahle Papierschneider mit Rundmesser

Paper cutters from Dahle

fast and compact, for neat cutting results

Paper cutters from Dahle are the compact alternative to the cutting machine. A firm cutting mat with a ruler and integrated cutter for a fast, neat cut. The practical round blade in the plastic head lets you cut in either direction.

Manual clamping always gives you full control over holding down the material being cut. The Creative Set also permits zig-zag cutting and perforations.

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mit Dahle Cuttern sicher schneiden

Dahle cutters

safe, sturdy and attractively designed

Cutters from Dahle: attractively designed for neatly cut shapes and smooth edges. The lockable snap-off blade provides maximum cutting convenience. For your safety, all Dahle cutter blade carriers are made of metal.

With Dahle cutters, you are opting for cutting precision, long service life and stability.

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Kombination für exakte Schnitte von Dahle

Cutting set from Dahle

perfectly co-ordinated

Everything in one package: A4 size cutting mat, scalpel, replacement blades, protective cap, cutting. Goes perfectly together - in familiar high Dahle quality. 

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Dahle Schneidematte mit perfekter Materialbeschaffenheit

Dahle cutting mats

the perfect surface for creative work

For Dahle, safety comes first when it comes to working with cutting tools! With cutting mats from Dahle, you can be sure: the non-cuttable core prevents you from cutting though to the surface of your table, the non-slip base reliably holds the mat in place. 

The self-sealing surface is made of high-quality material. Dahle cutting mats are available in various sizes.

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präzise Schnitte mit Skalpellen von Dahle

Scalpels from Dahle

manual cutting with maximum precision

Dahle scalpels make intricate cutting work easy. Besides disposable scalpels with various blades, there's also a metal scalpel with exchangeable blades. 

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Dahle Schneidelineal aus hochwertigem Material

Cutting rulers

cutting in a straight line: no coincidence

Dahle cutting rulers are made of high-quality aluminium and available in lengths of 60 and 100 cm. A steel inlay is integrated into the cutting edge to protect your Dahle cutting ruler from damage. The cm graduation permits working precision: to the exact millimetre!

Cutting in straight lines is not left to coincidence with cutting rulers from Dahle.

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