Professional rotary trimmers

The next generation of professional rotary trimmers is here

Precise, well-designed, reliable – they won’t disappoint

If a project is going to be successful, you need universal tools that make your work easier and won’t let you down. With their well-designed and precision features, the new generation of Dahle rotary trimmers offers the perfect professional companion for demanding applications such as dummy or simple scale modelling in agencies or architecture firms. They allow you to process large and small formats and turn creative ideas into reality, and all to a high quality. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Much more than just zip zap.

Much more than just zip zap.

There’s love in every detail.

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[Translate to English:] Präzise Schnitte mit Rollenschneidern

Perfect cuts for perfect results

For professional work, it’s all about precise and reliable material processing and producing excellent end results. After all, you can only impress customers if your model or dummy is convincing. That’s why we have taken our rotary trimmers to a new level for the ambitious professionals among you. The well-designed features guarantee precision with stress-free cutting and processing to ensure the perfect end result.

Discover the advantages of our new Dahle rotary trimmers: The 550 series.

[Translate to English:] Präzise Schneimaschine
Precise work

Precision scale bars on both sides ensure exact, right-angled cuts and formats accurate to the millimetre.

[Translate to English:] Einfach schneiden mit Rollenschneidern
Convenient operation

Ergonomic operation with the palm of the hand with an improved, ergonomic cutting head and locked blade head for comfortable, safe use

[Translate to English:] Mit Rollenschneidern gratfrei schneiden
Burr-free cuts

Extremely precise cuts thanks to the backstop that can be positioned with the highest degree of accuracy and the double guide rails.

[Translate to English:] Professionelle Schneidemaschinen für jede Schnittlänge
Suitable for all cutting lengths

Extended base for easy cutting in portrait orientation and base lengths up to 1,520 mm for formats up to DIN A0.

[Translate to English:] Profi Rollenschneider
Well-designed flexibility

Versatile thanks to table print with common formats and angles, as well as ruler orientation for tracing from right, left and the middle.

[Translate to English:] Platzsparende Profi Rollenschneider
Space-saving storage

The rotary trimmer can be stored compactly and quickly thanks to its rear feet.

Discover the features
of your new favourite tool!

Find out more about the features in the video

Professional, precise and reliable

The new rotary trimmer lives up to its promise – it’s simply first class!

Discover the features of our new rotary trimmers! They have been practically designed
to guarantee an end result that lives up to any professional standard – and so a good tool should!


Our new rotary trimmers at a glance

With our 550 series we have perfectly responded to all your format needs
for both small and great projects alike. Find the perfect rotary trimmer for your needs.


Dahle 550
Cutting length 360 mm
format A4
Cutting height 2 mm
Cutting performance 20 paper*
Table size 580 x 395 mm
to the product
Dahle 552
Cutting length 510 mm
format A3
Cutting height 2 mm
Cutting performance 20 paper*
Table size 730 x 395 mm
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Dahle 554
Cutting length 720 mm
format A2
Cutting height 2 mm
Cutting performance 20 paper*
Table size 940 x 395 mm
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Dahle 556
Cutting length 960 mm
format A1
Cutting height 1 mm
Cutting performance 10 paper*
Table size 1.180 x 395 mm
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Dahle 558
Cutting length 1300 mm
format A0
Cutting height 0,7 mm
Cutting performance 7 paper*
Table size 1.520 x 395 mm
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Creativity knows no bounds!

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hobby projects. There’s nothing stopping your creativity now.

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