Dahle document shredder with 7 Security levels

7 Security levels

Shredding data to a standard: 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964)

66399 (ISO/IEC 21964) defines seven security levels for various material classifications. Within the security levels, a distinction is mainly drawn between shred size and the ability to reconstruct documents. 

Find out which Dahle document shredder meets your security needs.

Material classification for document shredders

6 Material classifications

Shredding data on any data carrier with optimum results

Document shredders from Dahle are optimised for different materials. Whether it's a matter of shredding data on paper in the classical way or of destroying digital data: with Dahle document shredders you can be sure you get the security to need!

  • P - Information shown in original size, e.g. paper, films, printed forms.
  • F - Information shown in reduced form, e.g. microfilms, transparencies.
  • O - Information on optical data carriers, e.g. CDs / DVDs.
  • T - Information on magnetic data carriers, e.g. ID cards.
  • H - Information on hard drives with magnetic data carriers.
  • E - Information on electronic data media, e.g. chip cards

Discover how Dahle document shredders efficiently and securely shred any type of data and choose your perfect document shredder from our extensive portfolio.

Three protection classes in document shredding

3 protection categories

Dahle document shredders: what level of security do you want?

When it comes to determining your personal security need, the type of data you want to shred is important: is it merely a matter of non-critical correspondence or protecting sensitive internal documents?

66399 (ISO/IEC 21964) on document shredders defines three protection categories. Decide for yourself: how much security do you want?

Security levels for shredding paper // shredding paper the secure way with Dahle

The security levels for shredding paper with Dahle

The security levels for shredding paper

Securely shredding information in original size

Document shredders from Dahle provide effective protection in destroying a wide range of different data media. For shredding "Information in original size" in the classical way - e.g. paper - 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964) defined seven safety levels.

P-1 general data // Reproduction possible in a time-consuming process

  • Recommended, for example, for data carriers holding general data to be rendered illegible
  • Max. material particle size 2000 mm² or max. strip width 12 mm, strip length not limited
  • Shredded data can be reproduced without special equipment and special knowledge but not without involving a particularly time-consuming process