A colour becoming synonymous with precision

The world cuts blue!

A colour becoming synonymous with precision:

The blue cutting machines from Dahle have been synonymous with outstanding product quality and outstanding performance for many decades: top precision, quality, convenience, safety and security. Quality made by Dahle.

Precision from Lingen across the globe: Dahle products help to make work easier on an international scale. Specific product versions are optimised to meet the regulations that apply in the country of use.

So that people world-wide can benefit from our philosophy: German Engineering by Dahle. 

Two great office product brands: Novus and Dahle

Novus and Dahle

Two great office product brands! 

Under one roof since 2012: office specialists Novus and Dahle. Together, we offer our customers an extensive selection of high-quality helpers for everyday office routine. Cutting machines, staplers, document shredders, perforators and much more! 

Incidentally: the Novus more space system organises your desk. You will find professional solutions for your fastening requirements in Novus Fastening

Be impressed and inspired, and benefit too in other areas where we share exacting expectations on quality: Novus and Dahle are parts of the emco Group. Employing over 1,200 members of staff world-wide, the Group's companies hold a prominent position in various market segments.

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What Dahle does to improve your safety and security

Safety and security come first!

What Dahle does to improve your safety and security:

Safety and security as a product quality and mark of performance: for us, it goes without saying that Dahle products provide maximum safety for people as they go about their work!

Security is the central distinguishing mark of Dahle document shredders: from the entry-level document shredder for the small and home office to the high-tech shredder with fine dust filter, the Dahle range covers all security levels.

Dahle solutions for your data security: for any need, for any application.

Dahle: Focus on the human element

Focus on the human element

Great brand - great technology

Technology for people: at Dahle, we have a tradition of placing the focus on benefits to our customers. Dahle products are easy and safe to use. High-quality workmanship, sturdy material and concentrating on functionality are central elements in the products we develop. This is what branded products from Dahle are all about.  

Continuous optimisation and investment in innovation let us meet our claim: putting the focus on the human element!

Dahle stands for products that last

Dahle stands for products that last

Works when it matters!

You can rely on Dahle products: we attach tremendous importance to top-quality material and workmanship so that you can be sure they are always ready to use. Brand-name products from Dahle mean reliability that lasts.

That's why we are convinced of the quality of our products. This we can guarantee for all our cutting machines: for a whole five years!

On some Dahle document shredders we even extend statutory warranty: 35-year warranty on the cutters.

German Engineering by Dahle: Design, performance, quality

German Engineering by Dahle

Design, performance, quality

Our "German Engineering" quality hallmark enjoys an excellent reputation across the globe and lets us meet the high demands we at Dahle place on our products.

Maximum quality, perfected performance and first-class design. Products from Dahle take the effort out of your office work: every day!

Dahle: Tested safety

Tested safety

It's all a matter of detail!

Developed by Dahle, the automatic safety guard on our cutting machines and automatic motor cut-out in our document shredders are just two examples: we at Dahle take your expectations seriously. With safe, high-performance products!

So that you can be really sure: the GS and CE labels on our products guarantee tested safety.

Innovation for even better products: Uniqueness has a tradition at Dahle

Innovation for even better products

Uniqueness has a tradition at Dahle

Dahle develops technologies that make your everyday office routine easier and easier: that's part of how we see ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality brand-name products.    

At the emco Group's Research and Development Centre 1,900 m² provide an ultra-modern infrastructure for the domains of air quality, ergonomics, energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

This benefits you: in the form of long-lasting, innovative products from Dahle. 

Dahle: product quality since 1930

Dahle: product quality since 1930

Traditional, powerful and innovative!

Dahle products have been helping you with your office work since 1930: Dahle has been a powerful innovator from the very beginning. We take the effort out of your work with high-performance products and exacting demands on quality.

Dahle develops and produces: new technologies help to make Dahle products even more precise, secure and safe. Powerful, high-quality and long-lasting by tradition: Dahle! 

Dahle environmental management

Dahle environmental management

Sustainable processes with an awareness of responsibility

We take our responsibility as a manufacturing company seriously: we have already accomplished a lot and continuously work on optimising our processes under Environmental Management Standard EN ISO 14001.

These three elements go hand in hand: top-quality material, workmanship and functionality for a precise flow of work. Dahle holds certification under DIN EN ISO 9001, the acknowledged quality management standard.