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Metal wall rails


Quick-access storage in DAHLE quality

DAHLE wall rails are the perfect solution for temporarily storing documents you use often. Notes, flyers or photos – our powder-coated metal wall rails keep them all safe. Installing the durable rails is fast and easy. 

Choose from a variety of lengths and discover the usefulness of our space-saving storage option for paper and graphics for yourself. 

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The easy way to temporarily store documents

Our metal wall rails are the gentle option for fixing paper documents to the wall. Simply use magnets to attach your documents, such as flyers or photos. That way, you always have instant access to the documents you need and can take them down easily and without pin holes or glue residue. We recommend our rails especially as a place to quickly attach frequently used documents.  

We offer three different options: 

  • Painted mounting rails, installed with nails 

  • Self-adhesive metal wall rails 

  • Self-adhesive and coated metal wall tape 

All versions can be easily and permanently mounted to the wall. In addition to individual rails, we also offer sets consisting of rails and magnets.  

If you want to attach and sort large volumes of documents, we recommend our high-quality corkboards as an alternative. 

The right metal wall rail for any purpose 

Attach your temporary and frequently used documents gently and flexibly to our durable metal strips using magnets. Whichever model you choose, all the metal strips in our range guarantee firm hold on the wall. Our profile rails and metal wall tape are available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. 

The modern way to organise and store your documents

DAHLE metal wall rails are suitable for a wide variety of uses and blend perfectly into any decor.  

Choose the right type of rail for your individual needs. 

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