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MEGA-Magnet Circle-Function

CIRCLE holds just about anything you can think of in its grasp. Thick pencils are the least of your “problems”, small torches no challenge at all – but the MEGA power is stronger than that even. Several CIRCLEs together can make a practical tool panel. And when was the last time you surprised your darling with a rose attached to the fridge? Yes, it’s not easy with standard magnets.

4 super-strong neodymium magnets ensure a firm hold.

Even smaller sizes of neodymium magnets ensure unparalleled grip. Our development department has tried and tested plenty of things to be attached or hung on MEGA magnets – from a bulky old smartphone to a 0.5 litre water bottle.

CIRCLE and the other MEGA magnets in the “Function” range didn’t let any object with this kind of weight slide. For other weight categories, we can’t promise the moon but we can assure you plenty of surprises.


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Keys, hand towels and jackets: MEGA magnets hold almost everything in place.

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Use these magnets to show off your photos to perfection.

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Strong magnets for heavy objects, such as mobile phones and car keys.

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Mini magnets

Mini magnets with maximum power: the perfect complement.

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