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MEGA Magnet Cross Function

Four neodymium magnets, one for each corner, four super-strong fixing points that form a cross shape – introducing CROSS, our MEGA magnet for hanging up anything that’s not screwed down. These mega-strong magnets are so powerful that the two hooks on the bottom will hold on to anything, such as tools for the workshop, kitchen utensils, hand towels, cups – let your imagination run wild!

4 super-strong neodymium magnets ensure a firm hold.

What do electric cars, hard drives, wind turbines and even MRI scanners have in common? They all use the world’s strongest magnets. And now your fridges, pinboards, heaters etc. at home can also get in on the act:

our neodymium magnets are made up of neodymium iron boron connections, which develop none other than legendary power, which can hold fast some amazingly heavy items. If the magnets were just a little thicker and bigger, they would produce some 1000 newtons of force = hundreds of kilos!



The right MEGA magnet for all your ideas. Find out more here:


Use these magnets to show off your photos to perfection.

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The practical magnet for tools, pens or cooking utensils.

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Strong magnets for heavy objects, such as mobile phones and car keys.

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Mini magnets

Mini magnets with maximum power: the perfect complement.

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