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MEGA Magnet Delta Function

DELTA can handle an unbelievable load: a smartphone, bunch of keys, purse or watch – this MEGA magnet really lives up to its name. Even a large packet of sweets, which can weigh at least a pound, won't slip when held up by DELTA. And there’s more to it than that! At least, that’s what our development department is telling us. But hey, it’s hardly surprising with the brute force of the world’s strongest magnets.

4 super-strong neodymium magnets ensure a firm hold.

Our MEGA magnets are made up of neodymium iron boron connections, which are used especially to produce the world’s strongest magnets. Quality and costs are higher than with “normal” magnets, but the power is also much, much greater. If a neodymium magnet were 10 cm large and 1.5 cm thick, it would be able to hold several hundred kilograms. But who wants to attach, er, a fridge to a fridge? DELTA has just the right dimensions and the right amount of power.



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