MEGA colour with MEGA adhesive strength






MEGA Magnet Mini

Small but powerful: Our Minis successfully emulate the larger “Function” magnets – clinging with all their might to everything that needs to be kept in place, just not quite as large items as their big brothers can manage. The incredible neodymium power is sure to impress, especially when there are two to do the job together. When you (attempt to) separate the two, please send us a photo of your efforts? ;-)

Super-strong neodymium magnets ensure a firm hold.

Without the mega-strong magnets made up of neodymium iron boron connections, computer hard drives would be slower, loudspeakers and headphones would not perform as well and the same applies for electronic games and a lot more besides. Some magnets are so strong that they can hold a small car and yet they are still small enough to fit in a handbag. That’s why we’re giving these little magnets a starring role – and why not in the entire world of work and in every household.

The right MEGA magnet for all your ideas. Find out more here:


Keys, hand towels and jackets: MEGA magnets hold almost everything in place.

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Use these magnets to show off your photos to perfection.

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The practical magnet for tools, pens or cooking utensils.

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Strong magnets for heavy objects, such as mobile phones and car keys.

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