The new 3rd generation of rotary trimmers has arrived

Even more precise. Even more convenient.

Video tutorials and creative platforms have brought home-made creations back into fashion. But when it comes to making things, it’s not just the end result that counts but how you achieve it. Those who put plenty of time and enthusiasm into working with paper should be able to enjoy it from start to finish. Our rotary trimmers are reliable and precise tools for creative people.

Precise cuts with rotary trimmers

Discover a new dimension
of paper cutting.

[Translate to English:] Papierschneiden mit Rollenschneider von Dahle.


We provide step-by-step support.

Making things by hand often requires a lot of work between the initial idea and coming up with the end result. Most of these little tasks are easy to achieve using our rotary trimmers. They can be used to measure lengths or angles and to cut paper without worrying about it slipping.

Our optional creative set can also be used for folding, perforating or deckle cutting the edges.


Discover the advantages of our new rotary trimmers!

The new DAHLE rotary trimmers 507 and 508.

[Translate to English:] Ergonomische Schneidemaschinen von Dahle
Convenient operation

Convenient “two finger operation” thanks to improved cutting head ergonomics.

[Translate to English:] Schneimaschinen und Rollenschneider von Dahle schneiden präzise
Precise cuts

Fixed scale bars, which are detached from the sides, allow precise cuts.

[Translate to English:] Büroschneidemaschinen und Schneidegeräte
Easy exchange of cutting head

The cutting head is easy to exchange thanks to the integrated, non-detachable guide bar locking mechanism.

[Translate to English:] Papier schneiden im Büro ohne Verrutschen
No slipping

A new, practical pressure clamp with helpful markings prevents the paper from slipping.

[Translate to English:] Schneidemaschinen mit präzisen Vorlagen
Universal use

The precise print on the base corresponds to standard, international formats and many different angles.

[Translate to English:] Rollenschneider zum Perforieren und Falzen
Get creative

The creative set, which is available separately, also allows folding, perforation and deckle cutting.

Our new rotary trimmers at a glance.

[Translate to English:] Schneidemaschine für Din A4 und Din A3 quer
DAHLE 507 (3rd generation)

With the handy rotary trimmer 507, cut precise sheet sizes up to A4/A3 landscape. It's so easy to use, making it perfect for entry-level and hobby use.

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[Translate to English:] Rollenschneider fürs Büro für Din A3
DAHLE 508 (3rd generation)

This compact rotary trimmer delivers precise results. With a base size of 21.1 x 58.0 x 6.7 cm (WxDxH), this rotary trimmer is suitable for formats up to A3 and is ideal for any office.

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Discover the 507 in this video!

Discover the 508 in this video!

Even more cutting options with our creative set.

No limits to your creativity!

The creative set consists of cutting strip, front base and three cutting heads (deckle cuts, folding, perforating) and is suitable for use with both the DAHLE 507 and 508.

Precise, well-designed, reliable – they won’t disappoint

If a project is going to be successful, you need universal tools that make your work easier and won’t let you down. With their well-designed and precision features, the new generation of Dahle rotary trimmers offers the perfect professional companion for demanding applications such as dummy or simple scale modelling in agencies or architecture firms.

Discover rotary trimmers for professional projects!

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