Informationen sollen nicht ungewollt das Büro verlassen

Data theft: Crush the risk

Door lock security systems, alarm systems and multi-passwords are now commonplace in order to protect yourself and the company against theft and fraud. But it's not just about not letting anyone into their own spaces and systems. Even information should not unintentionally leave the office. Unfortunately, this still often happens unnoticed with the paper waste. Careless statements, contracts or other sensitive information are thrown away. The danger that they fall into the hands of interested parties is great! To avoid this, a document shredder is definitely recommended.

The following data should leave the private and office rooms only shredded:

  • Invoices and credit card receipts 
  • Any documents mentioning social security numbers, dates of birth, personal bank account numbers and / or passwords. 
  • Employee data such as payroll 
  • Customer lists and patient data 
  • Sales and Financial Reports 
  • Business development plans (eg on personnel, marketing and products) 

Shredders secure your data

The commercial shredders work with different levels of security. There are seven standardized security levels (P-1 - P-7). Levels P-2 through P-4 are the most commonly used in offices. In cross-cutting or particle cutting, the clippings are not only cut longitudinally, but also transversely and divided into several, smaller particles. This results in a higher security level and a lower volume. In addition to paper, many devices can reliably shred credit cards as well as CDs and DVDs.

Which document shredder suits you?

Shredder is not the same shredder. In addition to the security levels, a few more questions should be answered when purchasing the right shredder. How often do you use the device, how safe should it destroy the data and where is the shredder used? Shredding results in fine dust. Therefore, you should also consider whether the device should be equipped with a health-protecting CleanTEC filter. This filter is integrated directly into the device and prevents the fine dust from entering the room at all.

Configurator for your shredder

Too complex? No problem. Here you will find a document shredder configurator that helps you to find the right model in just three steps. The main shredder portfolio includes equipment specialized in levels P-2 through P-5. For experts or intelligence agencies, there are other devices that can handle the levels P-6 to P-7.

In addition, all models are labeled with the important logos regarding security level, energy consumption, volume etc. That makes it even easier for you to find the right one!