Novus Dahle at the Paperworld 2019: Relief in the workday with the right office technology

The shredders of the ShredMATIC series are among the fastest devices
with Autofeed function for large numbers of sheets on the market.

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, January 26, 2019 – Novus Dahle presented new products that make everyday office life easier with its easy handling and professional results at Paperworld 2019 in Frankfurt. These include the shredder series ShredMATIC with Autofeed function, whose models can handle paper stacks of different sizes up to 300 sheets (80g / m2) automatically and are suitable for use on individual workstations as well as in open-plan offices. Due to their high speed, the devices are among the fastest car springs on the market. In addition, the products for the fine particle cut of security grade P-4 according to DIN 66399 are designed so that they can be used to destroy particularly sensitive and confidential data. The completely newly installed laminating range was also shown at the exhibition stand. The offer in this area includes both entry-level options, eg. For private use, as well as quick heating models for professional use. The latter heat up within 3040 seconds and reach an operating speed of up to 500 mm per minute. Another novelty is the electric pencil sharpener & nbsp; 210, which has been tested to GS standards and can be used even by children without the risk of injury for sharpening lead and colored pencils between 8 and 11 mm in diameter.

In addition to the automatic function, the ShredMATIC document shredder can also handle a single feed of up to 14 sheets. Reliable shredding is guaranteed not only for new, but also for used, heavily worn and stapled paper sheets. In addition, other data carriers such as CDs / DVDs, microfilms as well as chip and ID cards can be shredded. Furthermore, the shredders are characterized by an oil and maintenance-free operation. The efficient operation of the wipers and cutting rollers prevents the deposition of particles or paper dust, which could hinder the cutting mechanism. Therefore, it is possible to dispense with a regular oiling of the device without any loss of performance due to an impairment of the comminution process. For convenient and easy operation, various helpful functions are integrated, such as a photocell-controlled, electronic start / stop mechanism, separate buttons for manual forward and reverse, automatic reversing or automatic engine stop.

The newly installed laminating range also includes models with a rapid heating function, which are heated up in 30-40 seconds.

With the new laminators, documents in the sizes DIN A4 and DIN A3 can be permanently sealed and thus protected against dirt and moisture. The models with a rapid heating function are notable for their exceptionally short warm-up time and high working speed, as well as numerous comfort features. Thus, the automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of non-use prevents overheating and thus damage to the device. Other features include an anti-blocking button for safe release of the laminating film and a two-stage film thickness adjustment.

The electric pencil sharpening machine 210 ensures professional results and easy handling thanks to its high-quality steel milling cutter and the ability to steplessly change the tip shape using a turning screw. The sturdy plastic housing and the suction cups at the bottom, which ensure a firm footing, contribute to safe operation. In addition, the sharpening machine can be easily and quickly cleaned, for emptying the device can be removed from the docking station. The level can be seen at any time through the transparent, large collecting container.