Powerful heavy-duty cutter for up to 800 sheets of paper

  • High-quality heavy duty cutter for commercial use
  • Sturdy metal table provides a stable base when cutting
  • Robust grip for easy cutting
  • Ground upper blade made of hardened Solingen steel – resharpenable
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Product details

  • Commercial use: always ready to excel. Commercial use: always ready to excel.
  • Cutting length 475 mm Cutting length 475 mm
  • German Engineering by Dahle German Engineering by Dahle
  • Extended 5-year guarantee (except wearing parts) Extended 5-year guarantee (except wearing parts)

Technical data

Product name848
Article number00848-21166
Cutting length475 mm
Cutting capacity80 mm
Cutting capacity A4 80 g/sm*800 sheets
Table size (overall dimensions)860 mm x 720 mm
Off-cut side area475mm x 460mm
Cutting side area475mm x 300mm
Weight net60 kg

* The indicated sheet capacity for cutting machines is due to standard paper weight of 80 gsm but is still subject to texture, quality and state of paper. All of such information is based on the general formula 10 sheets = 1 mm stack height and may only be used as an aid to orientation for the selection of the cutting machine.


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