Commercial-quality guillotine with manual D-bar clamp and material blade


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Product name597
Cutting length550 mm
Cutting capacity3.5 mm
Table size (overall dimensions)600 mm x 365 mm
Weight net14.7 kg
High-quality guillotines for commercial use
Sturdy metal table with non-slip rubber feet for firm standing
Practical format lines on the table facilitate exact alignment of the item being cut
Sturdy handle with generous hand protection guard for a safe grip while cutting
Screw-mounted, ground upper blade for cutting precision
Screw-mounted, ground lower blade for exact results
High-quality, re-sharpenable blades made of Solingen steel for long-lasting cutting quality
Sturdy, solid-steel blade holder for optimum guidance of the screw-mounted upper blade
Perfected automatic safety guard for reliable protection and unobstructed vision while working
Material blade suitable for a wide range of different materials - different grind to paper blades. The full cutting height given cannot always be used with some materials deemed suitable for cutting: the full cutting height should definitely not be used when cutting paper. In this instance, we recommend using a guillotine with a paper blade.
Stay-down D-bar clamp holds item being cut perfectly in place
Two scale bars with mm scale for an exact 90° cut
Adjustable, screw-fastening backstop in metal for quickly finding the right format – can be used on both scale bars
Pull-out front stop, up to 210 mm for cutting strips of equal width
DAHLE 597 with material blade for versatile use
Material blade
Blades can be sharpened
Clamp can be applied manually or deactivated
2 scale bars