Mobile document shredder for small offices and home offices with separate CD shredding facility

DAHLE 22092 PaperSAFE®

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    Product name22092
    Entry width218 mm
    Shreds A4 80 gsm paper*10 sheets
    Shred width in mm4,5 x 35 mm
    Security levelsP-4/T-4/E-3
    Paper clipsYes
    Waste collection volume12 l
    dB (A) when idle62 dB(A)
    Wattage440 W
    Power supply230 V
    Weight net6.5 kg
    Speed4 m/min

    * Maximum number of sheets which can be cut in a single pass under the following conditions: New cutting cylinders (oiled if necessary), cold motor, power supply with nominal voltage and nominal frequency (230V/50Hz; 120V/60Hz). Non-conformances can lead to a lower sheet capacity and increased running noise. Sheets are fed at 90° either portrait or landscape. The sheet capacity may vary depending on paper properties and feed.

    Compact document shredder for small offices and home offices
    oil- and maintenance free operation
    Integrated light barrier for automatically starting and stopping the document shredder, ensuring fast availability and safe use
    Convenient reverse function for manual control
    Motor cuts out automatically for safely opening the document shredder
    Energy-saving standby mode using no power – protects the environment
    Two separate cutters and waste boxes for sorting shredded paper and CDs, DVDs, cheque cards and credit cards the environmentally friendly way
    Convenient swivel casters for greater mobility
    Pull-out waste box for conveniently emptying the document shredder
    2-year warranty on proper working order provided the product is used as intended.
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 425 x 320 x 195 mm