Compact document shredder for small offices and home offices with separate CD shredding facility

DAHLE 22084 PaperSAFE®

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    Product name22084
    Entry width226 mm
    Shreds A4 80 gsm paper*8 sheets
    Shred width in mm4 x 45 mm
    Security levelsP-3/T-3/E-2
    Paper clipsYes
    Waste collection volume25 l
    dB (A) when idle68 dB(A)
    Shredder power consumption350 W
    Power supply230 V
    Weight net6.3 kg
    Speed6 m/min

    * Maximum number of sheets which can be cut in a single pass under the following conditions: New cutting cylinders (oiled if necessary), cold motor, power supply with nominal voltage and nominal frequency (230V/50Hz; 120V/60Hz). Non-conformances can lead to a lower sheet capacity and increased running noise. Sheets are fed at 90° either portrait or landscape. The sheet capacity may vary depending on paper properties and feed.

    Compact document shredder for small offices and home offices
    oil- and maintenance free operation
    Automatic start-stop function
    Convenient reverse function
    Automatic motor cut-out
    Two separate cutters and waste containers for paper and CDs, DVDs, cheque cards and credit cards
    Shredding of CDs/DVDs: 6 strips each 2.0 cm wide
    Removable top part
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 420 x 345 x 250 mm