TOP SECRET - absolutely secure destruction (particle cut P-7 to DIN 66399)

  • Convenient swivel casters with brake for reliably keeping the document shredder firmly in place
  • High-volume document shredders:maximum performance to meet high expectations.
  • Entry width 400 mm
  • Waste collection volume 160 litres
  • German Engineering by Dahle
  • Extremely quiet operation for a particularly pleasant working atmosphere
  • With automatic motor cut-out after 30 minutes without use
  • Integrated oil tank for controlled, automatic lubrication of the cross-cut cutters helps to lengthen service life while keeping performance constant
Product name716
Weight net92 kg
Entry width400 mm
Shreds A4 80 gsm paper*9 sheets
Particle size in mm1 x 4,7 mm
Security levelsP-7/F-3/T-6
dB (A) when idle52 dB(A)
Speed8 m/min
Oil incl. in ml400 ml

* Maximum number of sheets which can be cut in a single pass under the following conditions: New cutting cylinders (oiled if necessary), cold motor, power supply with nominal voltage and nominal frequency (230V/50Hz; 120V/60Hz). Non-conformances can lead to a lower sheet capacity and increased running noise. Sheets are fed at 90° either portrait or landscape. The sheet capacity may vary depending on paper properties and feed.

  • Convenient feed and reverse function for manual control
  • Convenient automatic reversing function clears feed opening after feeding in too much paper
  • Automatic shredding stop and optical signal in control panel when bin full
  • Motor cuts out automatically when waste bag is full or door is open
  • With automatic motor cut-out after 30 minutes without use
  • Powerful motor for high capacity and longer running times
  • Clearly designed, user-friendly control panel with illuminated information and function unit and acoustic signals
  • Electronic start-stop function controlled by integrated light barrier
  • High-quality, solid-steel cutters in special steel for a guaranteed long service life
  • Extremely quiet operation for a particularly pleasant working atmosphere
  • Widely opening doors for ease of emptying the waste bag
  • Convenient swivel casters providing 5 cm floor clearance for greater mobility and two brakes for keeping the shredder firmly in place
  • Separate main switch for completely shutting down the document shredder
  • Practical IEC power connector can be unplugged from the document shredder
  • Includes 10 strong waste bags suitable for re-use (Item no. 20708)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 960 x 734 x 511 mm
  • High volume department document shredder
  • 5-year guarantee on the cutters of models providing P-6 and P-7 security
  • Integrated oil tank for automatically oiling the cutters in all models providing P-6 and P-7 security