Schnittschutz am Arbeitsplatz mit Schnittschutz an Hebelschneidemaschine

Cut protection - avoid cutting injuries at the workplace

Desk jobs are not dangerous? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Although hardly anyone expects it, in offices and agencies more often than expected to accidents at work. That's probably where the problem lies: because office jobs are considered safe, the level of awareness is not high. When everyday routine comes to it, carelessness quickly creeps in. Since accidents at work are inevitable. Therefore: Even in the office, you should not neglect the subject of security.

Cuts - painful annoyance

Even cutting with a piece of paper is already considered an accident at work. In addition to falls, cuts are actually one of the most common lesions in office life. Potential hazards for cutting injuries in the office are:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • knife
  • cutting machines

What is a cut protection?

Cut protection is more familiar from the craft sector. Anyone who works with chainsaws, circular saws and Co. knows: it depends on the right protective clothing. For working with large cutting tools such as saws, there are cut-resistant clothing, safety shoes and safety pants. Cut resistant pants, for example, are made of a special fabric that blocks the chain saw with its threads in fractions of a second when it comes into contact with it. Such pants can not 100 percent prevent injury, but it limits the extent. When working with a circular saw, a sliding wood is used to prevent injury. In the office, cut-resistant clothing is overkill, but there are a few things you can keep in mind.


Cut protection on implements

As a cut protection devices are referred to cutting tools to protect against the fact that you can cut. With lever cutting machines, there are often cut-out guards that drive in front of the knife. If you work a lot with cutter knives, you should wear cut-resistant gloves. These are particularly useful in the office, in creative agencies and in publishers, where much work is done with paper.

It makes a big difference whether you cut yourself with a circular saw or scratch the paper. But even small cuts should not be played down. Because even the most minimal wound can ignite, just like all other cuts, which can even be really dangerous. Although the risk is rather low, it should not be taken lightly. Therefore always wash small wounds always with clear water.

Hebelschneidemaschine mit Schmittschutzblende

Cut protection in everyday office life

The question now is: how do you protect yourself in the office from cuts with knives, scissors and Co.? There is no such thing as protective clothing here. That's why mindfulness is needed first and foremost. With it you not only protect yourself, but also your colleagues.

The most important rules in dealing with cutting tools in the office are:


  • Never leave the scissors and cutter open: Close the blade at the cutter and close the scissors. Never lay cutting tools in drawers with an open blade!
  • Put cutting tools back in place after use and do not just leave them lying around. This also has the advantage that your office is much tidier.
  • If you work with the cutter, use a non-slip cutting pad.
  • Mind you, that is Schneidemaschine sicher steht und nicht wackelt oder kippels - then can ihr auch fell sauberer work.
  • Regarding Arbeit mit dem Aktenvernichter darauf, dass Kleidung, Haare oder Schmuck cousin was sucked.



The right tool makes the difference

Mindfulness is just one way to avoid cuts in office life. Also important are the use and above all the regular maintenance of the cutting tools. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in good tools and to check the blades regularly. With a worn scissors or a blunt cutter, it finally happens much faster that you slip off and get hurt. The Dahle range offers particularly durable scissors and cutters - which precisely ensure clean cut surfaces and smooth edges. With cutters, you should make sure that they have a knife guide with high stability and the knife is detectable.

But pay attention not only to the cutting tool, but also to the base. Non-slip cutting mats with a cut-resistant core make working easier and are particularly safe. Also particularly practical is the combination of cutting mat, ruler and integrated cutting device that enables accurate and fast cutting of paper.

When choosing your cutting tool, make sure that not every cutting tool is suitable for every material. With paper, it always depends on the amount and thickness of the material. If you have to cut a lot of paper at once, we recommend using a lever cutter. These are usually equipped with an automatic safety system, which prevents you from even being able to cut.

Schneidematte und Cutter

Working safely

Incidentally, safety is also an issue that must be taken into account by law at the workplace. The Occupational Health and Safety Act is intended to ensure the safety and health of workers at the workplace. Whether in the laboratory, in the factory, on the construction site or in the office - safe, healthy and decent working conditions should be given in every environment. It regulates topics such as first aid, accident prevention as well as the rights and obligations of employees and employers. You can find out more about this subject in our article on occupational safety.