Dahle fast document shredders


High speed document shredding

There’s a new name in speedy document shredding: DAHLE ShredMATIC®. After all, the new range of Dahle document shredders is the fastest on the market. The result is that you can shred up to 300 sheets quick as a flash in one go, saving time and effort when shredding files. There’s no longer any need to worry about how to shred data correctly – DAHLE ShredMATIC® will do the job safely and reliably for you!

Dahle document shredders keep to their promises.

Dahle document shredders for office use ensure that you spend as little time and effort as possible on data shredding: high performance is guaranteed and they can run for six loads before needing to cool down. As a company, we develop Dahle document shredders to satisfy all your needs. That’s why this range of Dahle document shredders is particularly quiet when shredding your documents. The DAHLE ShredMATIC® range of document shredders also fulfils your requirements when it comes to security. They will shred confidential, highly sensitive data to security level P-4, complying with data protection regulations and the DIN 66399 standard.

  • faster

  • Automatic feed for up to 300 sheets of paper (A4 80 g/m²)
  • Shreds up to 5 metres paper per minute
  • safe

  • Highest security standards with guaranteed data protection thanks to security level P-4
  • Oil-free and low-maintenance
  • quiet

  • Volume of max. 68 dB when idle
  • Suitable for home offices, individual and open-plan offices

Our DAHLE ShredMATIC® range

The document shredder with security level 4 for comprehensive data shredding: our ShredMATIC® 35314 is powerful and therefore particularly efficient.

DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35314

This Dahle document shredder with automatic paper feed guarantees maximum security. Takes up to 300 sheets of paper with a capacity of 40 litres. Material classifications according to DIN 66399: P-4|F -1|T-4|E-3|O-3


fast ●●●●○
safe ●●●●●
quiet ●●●●●
Technical data
The everyday hero for every office: with our autofeed DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35120 data shredder, you can take data protection to a new, even safer level

DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35120

The everyday hero amongst Dahle document shredders. Takes up to 120 sheets of paper with a capacity of 28 litres. Material classifications according to DIN 66399: P-4|F-2|T-5|E-4


fast ●●●○○
safe ●●●●○
quiet ●●●●○
Technical data
The low-maintenance, oil-free DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35080 with automatic paper feed for use at the desk. Ideal for large open-plan offices and home offices.

DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35080

The compact Dahle document shredder in the DAHLE ShredMATIC® range. Takes up to 80 sheets of paper with a capacity of 17 litres. Material classes according to DIN 66399: P-4|T-4|E-3


fast ●●●●●
safe ●●●○○
quiet ●●●○○
Technical data

Quick overview of the advantages

Whether you're looking for a document shredder for yourself or for your company or if you're a data protection officer yourself: we will show you the benefits that are relevant to you.

Data shredding according to DIN 66399

The safe shredding of data is guaranteed for our DAHLE ShredMATIC® document shredders thanks to their compliance with the DIN 66399 standard. Seven security levels are defined according to the particle size produced. The smaller the particles that are shredded, the higher the security level for the shredded data. All DAHLE ShredMATIC® shredders fulfil security level P-4 – for confidential and highly sensitive documents. As well as paper, other data carriers such as CDs or chip cards can also be shredded.