The new range of DAHLE ShredMATIC® shredders

Ganz getreu dem Motto „Das geht schneller!“ präsentiert DAHLE sein ShredMATIC® Sortiment.

Lingen, 9. Oktober 2019 – Staying true to its motto, “The faster way!”, DAHLE introduces its ShredMATIC® range. The time-consuming, and therefore costly, shredding of particularly sensitive, confidential and personal documents is now a thing of the past – even when large quantities of data are concerned. The range includes three models: the 35080, the 35120 and the new 35314.

The document shredders in the DAHLE ShredMATIC® range meet the growing demands of data protection, with a lot of data now requiring shredding. With the New DAHLE ShredMATIC® range, customers will save valuable time: the automatic paper feeder allows the machine to shred individual loads of between 80 and 300 sheets (80g/m2) in one go. This means that up to five metres of paper can be shredded in just one minute – a performance that is unique in the market. Reliable data shredding is not only possible for paper that is as good as new, but also for used, well-worn and stapled sheets of paper. The document shredders are particularly quiet, which means they can also be used in open-plan offices. An unbeatable combination.

You can rely on DAHLE ShredMATIC®

All models meet the highest security requirements: complying with the DIN 66399 standard, the document shredders fulfil the requirements of security level P-4. The DAHLE ShredMATIC® range covers the shredding of practically all types of data carrier: from paper to magnetic stripe cards, just about everything is possible.

The DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35314 model is particularly convenient and secure. With this model, users do not have to stay with the machine during document shredding, which means they can carry out other tasks at the same time without any security risk. This is because the paper storage tray can be locked, so confidential data is kept safe at all times.

A quality range

Discover the DAHLE ShredMATIC® range and find out about the technical benefits these document shredders have to offer. This will help you find precisely the right shredder to fulfil your needs and the demands of data shredding.

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