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Lockable cutting machines from Dahle

Protection against unauthorised use

Lockable cutting machines from Dahle

Lockable guillotines from Dahle provide reliable protection against unauthorised use: fitted with a lock, this makes Dahle guillotines ideal for use in rooms that are open to the public. In kindergartens or schools, in common rooms or archives.

Choose a lockable guillotine from Dahle. For peace of mind!

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The choice is yours: classic metal guard plate or innovative automatic protection

Metal guard plate

The choice is yours: classic metal guard plate or innovative automatic protection

Besides the unique automatic safety guard, Dahle offers guillotines with classic metal guard plate: made of solid metal or in high-quality transparent plastic.

Safety also comes first with our guillotines with metal guard plate. This is why we only use high-quality materials and ensure top-quality workmanship.

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Dahle cutting machines // every product tailored exactly to any need

Paper blades from Dahle

Paper blades from Dahle

special blades for everyday challenges

The material most frequently cut in everyday work routine: paper! All the more important for you not to compromise on cutting quality. 

Guillotines from Dahle use paper blades ground to an angle of 25-38°. First-class material quality and special grinding allow Dahle guillotines with a paper blade to cut up to 50 sheets of paper in one go: cutting precision and convenience from Dahle!

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Guillotines with multi-material blade

Guillotines with multi-material blade

cutting precision from A to Z!

Depending on model, Dahle cutting machines are equipped with a paper or multi-material blade. These are ground at different angles.   

Cutting machines with multi-material blade are the preferred choice for cutting different materials.  

Ground at an angle of 70°, multi-material blades from Dahle are suitable for a wide range of different materials: acetate yarns, acrylic panels, acrylic threads, aluminium alloy, aluminium foils, aluminium sheet, balsa wood, battery plates, butyl material, fibre, intestine, label film, label paper, lead plates, roofing felt, wire mesh etc.

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Optimum hold: Hold whatever you are cutting in the exact position: the choice is yours!

Optimum hold

Hold whatever you are cutting in the exact position: the choice is yours!

The automatic clamp from Dahle automatically prevents the item being cut from accidentally slipping and is suitable for most applications. Dahle guillotines with on-demand automatic clamp are perfect for pressure-sensitive materials, such as foam rubber. 

Dahle guillotines with manual clamp are the right choice for craft and decoration materials and whenever you mostly cut sensitive materials. You decide whether and how firmly you want to hold your material down. 

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the perfect addition to your Dahle cutting machine


the perfect addition to your Dahle cutting machine

Dahle cutting machines adapt to your requirements: many models can be upgraded with accessories. The supporting table is fixed to the cutting machine by a magnetic push-fit connector and extends the support surface. 

The precision narrow-strip cutting device easily lets you cut extremely thin strips in exactly the same size. The cutting edge can be aligned extremely precisely with the laser beam line indicator. 

A stand is available for large-format cutting machines for working convenience and stability.

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