Dahle Präsenationssysteme im Praxiseinsatz

Dahle presentation systems

compelling, professional presentations

Ideally equipped for your presentation - high-quality products from Dahle provide optimum support in presentations, lectures, workshops & seminars. Practical, reliable, high-quality: leaving you to concentrate on the essentials.

Choose quality products from Dahle!

Dahle // perfectly prepared for any presentation

Dahle Flipcharts in unterschiedlichen Varianten

Flipchart easels from Dahle

Perfection is a matter of detail

With flipchart easels from Dahle you are perfectly equipped whenever interactivity is important: notes, sketches or for structuring. No idea gets left on the wayside with these high-quality Dahle flipchart easels!

All Dahle flipchart easels consist of a white lacquered metal board with a sturdy aluminium frame. The magnetic writing surface is for use with drywipe whiteboard markers which can be erased without any trace. Sturdy, adjustable tripods of various types and a pad holder with two adjustable pins for all commonly used pads provide maximum flexibility. 

Needless to say, material quality and finish reflect Dahle's high standards: because perfection is a matter of detail!

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Dahle Whiteboards, Tafeln und Pinnwände

Whiteboards, boards & pinboards

Quality products from Dahle

making notes, gathering ideas, structuring: with whiteboards from Dahle. Black on white, or with appropriately coloured whiteboard markers. High-quality enamelled, magnetic surfaces in a sturdy aluminium frame. All Dahle whiteboards come with a mounting set. Quality thought all the way through!

Our white revolving boards are the modern, attractive alternative to the chalkboard. Use these mobile whiteboards wherever presentation content takes on dynamic form.

Blackboard was yesterday: the stainless-steel board from Dahle impresses with high-quality design and practical features.

Piles of notes? Pinboards from Dahle help you clear up the chaos. The easy way to prioritise and structure everything printed.

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praktische, formschöne Wandleisten von Dahle

Dahle wall rails

practical posting in Dahle quality

Save yourself the bother of looking for drawing pins and adhesive tape: wall rails from Dahle take care of walls and paper. The professional alternative for temporarily posting documents of every kind. Whether flipchart pages, posters, transparencies or anything else: Dahle wall rails are powder coated and can be mounted easily and securely.

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Perfection in every last detail // Dahle presentation accessories

Dahle presentation accessories

NEW: Dahle MEGA magnet

Magnets for ideas.

New MEGA magnets from Dahle redefine what magnets can do in the office and at home. They come in geometric shapes and bright colours in the “MEGA Magnet Function” and “MEGA Magnet Mini” varieties. Discover the various ways of using the power of these neodymium magnets.

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ausgefallene, formschöne Dahle Magnete

Attractive: magnets from Dahle

high-quality design, outstanding quality

Dahle magnets are available in different sizes and designs. Classic in different colours, transparent, or stylish as decorative magnets. Dahle magnets leave no margin of doubt with a holding power matched to the purpose they are used for. 

Choose quality magnets from Dahle!

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breites Sortiment von Dahle Präsentationszubehör

Dahle Presentation accessories

Perfection in every last detail

The right markers for your Dahle whiteboard, cleaning products, flipchart pads and a whole lot more. Because you want perfection in every last detail: presentation accessories from Dahle.

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