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MEGA-Magnet Square-Function

So you’ve already stuck a portrait photo to your fridge or pinboard? OK, so that’s “nice” but it’s really not going to be there forever – especially as the photo paper is going to suffer at some point. This is where our SQUARE magnet comes into its own: the frame holds the photo nicely in place and, when put together with several SQUAREs, the entire family photo gallery will look simply great. This kind of magnet is always practical for holding large slips of paper and letters in place and for placing the most important message in the centre – in the frame.

4 super-strong neodymium magnets ensure a firm hold.

Neodymium magnets are used in a wide variety of areas – from farming to industry, in the DIY sector and in medical applications. They can be used as magnetic closings for doors on furniture, as well as for transporting heavy objects.

And they're also extremely practical for something else: If you drop a sewing needle or screw into a joint or crevice, our MEGA magnets can really work wonders. Firm hold guaranteed!


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Keys, hand towels and jackets: MEGA magnets hold almost everything in place.

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The practical magnet for tools, pens or cooking utensils.

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Strong magnets for heavy objects, such as mobile phones and car keys.

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Mini magnets

Mini magnets with maximum power: the perfect complement.

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