Business gadgets for the desk

Stay clean!

Chaos on the desk, biscuit crumbs on the keyboard, stains on the monitor: That's no fun! A well-stocked desk is important. If you are annoyed with crumbs or stains, we recommend the Cyber ​​Clean cleaning dough. Anyone who has ever played with slime sometime in life, recognize it again - but with new added value: The cleaning dough is not only fun, but also clean! Are you biscuit lover and regularly a Cookie Monster?

Then Henry, the USB vacuum cleaner fits you. It is suitable for all surfaces and frees the desk and keyboard easily from large amounts of crumbs and dust.

Sleepyheads wanted!

And what to do if there are no rest rooms? Where to go with the heavy head? The desk is quite uncomfortable. The cuddly pillow in file folder look is an ideal solution - just pull it out of the file shelf, put it on the desk, drop your head and ... rrrrsssss. For the very courageous tired among you, we recommend the bird-ostrich pillow.

It reminds a bit on the good old drying hood, but is much more comfortable. Suitable for every living situation, it provides peace, darkness and cuddly warmth in the office. For a quiet, relaxing power nap - guaranteed without keyboard imprints on the face!

And action!

Whether it's lunchtime or monotonous work - sometimes you just have to move briefly or focus on something else to clear your head. There are many cool gadgets from the sports sector such as. B. a basketball basket with a beep for the trash. With a miniature bowling set, you can easily strike a few strikes on your own or with others on the desk - in between or during your lunch break. It is incredibly small, fits in any desk drawer and still has the original proportions. Need a little more action? Then you can easily transform your office into a sports hall with the mobile table tennis set. Just clear the desk, set up the network and challenge your colleagues. Let's go: Specification, ace!

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Just beautiful!

Making work easier with few resources? No problem! Whether colorful desk accessories in fresh colors or funny sticky notes. There are no limits to the imagination here. A pencil holder in a cool concrete look with small planting area for mini-plants such as cactus or succulents creates a good atmosphere. For white office walls, we recommend plain, self-adhesive metal strips. With magnets you can simply attach everything here and exchange it anytime. Whether holiday cards of colleagues or the latest business charts - you have everything in sight. (And we go one better: With individualized magnets and magnetic strips, the whole thing looks even better!) 

  • DAHLE 95350 weiß

    Metall-Wandleiste mit Pulverbeschichtung und selbstklebender Rückseite (50 cm)

  • NOVUS E 15 fresh Pink

    Handliches Tischheftgerät für den Einsatz unterwegs

    Metallgerät mit Kunststoffoberteil

    Integrierter Klammerentferner aus Metall

    Oberlademechanik mit einfacher Klammerführung

    Gewicht: ca. 86 g

    Lieferung inkl. 200 Klammern No.10 SUPER