Home or Office?


Best both! Work from home? Yes Perfect! That sounds like freedom, self-determination and relaxation, right? No boss sitting on your neck, no colleagues driving you crazy with their quirks, and a job that looks just the way you want it. But what at first sounds almost heavenly also has its downsides. You definitely need a lot of self-discipline, good time management and above all a job that is not only inviting, but also protects you from distraction. It must be well thought out and ergonomically designed. What does he look like then, the ideal workplace at home? What should be considered when setting up the inspirational home office?


The "Place to be"


The home office is an office within the home and should therefore be clearly demarcated. You can consciously enter and leave only a clearly marked work area - an important prerequisite for effective switching between leisure and work. Optimal, of course, is an independent study. If you do not have this opportunity, you have to improvise and set up the home office in a particularly clever way to create a space that is reserved exclusively for working. You can change the workspace z. For example, you can separate it from the rest of the apartment with a shelf as a room divider or you can decorate it with a curtain or a screen in a cool design from the apartment.

Gute Ausstattung macht die Arbeit leichter

Equipment at it's best

In addition to the desk, seating and storage space, the technology is crucial for a productive workplace. The video conference starts and your technique is not playing? Just before you want to print your handouts, is the printer going on strike? We all know it, but you should prevent it as far as possible. Therefore, our tip: Create a high-quality technical equipment! This saves time and nerves and keeps you longer with regular use. In addition, you should pay attention to the ergonomics in the equipment. Ergonomic desk chairs enhance well-being because they support the natural curvature of the spine.

Also monitor arms can support you here as you can adjust the height and tilt of the monitor individually to your needs. With an ergonomic workstation light  you will do your eyes good! So you have the best prerequisites to work comfortably, focused and productive in your home office.

The "Feelgood" atmosphere


In addition to the ideal place to work and the optimal equipment and the feel-good factor in your home office is crucial. Make your job as nice as possible, so you enjoy spending your time there. This is how the workplace becomes your favorite place:

  • Stay clean: chaos on the desk distracts and quickly affects productivity. Good filing systems can support you here permanently. Whiteboards or self-adhesive metal strips  provide space for collections of notes and ideas.

Colour it up:

  • Color it up: From a psychological point of view, colors have a big effect on our mood. Blue is associated with trust, communication and efficiency, yellow stimulates the mind and red gives an energy boost to the heart and brain. It does not necessarily have a whole wall painted in one color. Mostly it is enough to put a few color accents here and there. With colorful folders or punches and folders in fresh colors can easily conjure up a happy atmosphere in the home office.
  • Show personality: Who said an office should be practical and not too personal? We are totally different. Small personal accessories make the difference. After all, sometimes we have the best ideas when we're not thinking specifically about the specific solution, but the last vacation, the funny sayings of the kids or a nice date. Whether family photos, lettering or self-designed - what inspires you decide! At Pinterest you will find many inspiring suggestions for your individual workplace at home.
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