It depends on the cut!

Hand on heart - who of you is still practiced in cutting? From the age of 10, the euphoria around the scissors decreases a bit. Whether at home or in the office - when the scissors are used, the result often ends up looking a bit awkward. That would not have happened with a cutting machine! Sovereign she defies every pile of paper, even cuts patterns neat and tidy and does not disappear so easily in everyday chaos. Especially in the office, she is the perfect and reliable assistant for all major challenges.


But which cutting machine is right? Here you can find the most important information for the purchase or use of paper cutting machines:

A question of technology

Much has to be tailored in the office. From flyers on name cards to paper stacks, z. B. marketing or presentation materials. The demands on cutting machines are manifold. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the main requirements and usage requirements. This relates in particular to the size and thickness of the material to be cut, desired sectional shapes and frequency of use. All cutting machines have one thing in common: they not only cut paper, but also cardboard, foil, photos and laminated paper. In addition, there are also cutting machines that can cut films, foam or plywood.

The roll and cut machine

The reel-cutting machine breaks up the paper by "rolling" a plastic-covered circular blade along a guide rail over the material. So that the material does not slip during cutting, the automatic pressing or a pressure rail ensures that the material is pressed onto the work surface. This cutting machine provides precise cuts, a high level of safety and cuts both in one direction and the other. In addition to the straight long cuts, wave, zigzag or slit cuts as well as perforations are possible. In one operation, however, the roller and cut cutting machine rather creates a comparatively low cutting height and number.

The roles and ...

  • The role or cutting machine is the optimal cutting machine, if you rather individual material and like to cut with pattern, z. Eg photos. It is ideal for home, schools or kindergartens. More professional devices are also used in graphic studios, at photographers or in advertising agencies.

The lever cutting machine

The lever-cutting machine is operated - as the name implies - with a lever function. Like a guillotine, a very sharp blade cuts the paper from top to bottom. Helpful are products that have a grid of standard paper and photo sizes on the work surface where you can easily orientate them. Due to the usually regrindable blades, the cutting machine has a long service life and straight, precise cuts with high stability. It cuts entire stacks of paper in a single operation with little effort and processes a comparatively high cutting height.

  • Do you regularly cut larger quantities of paper in standard sizes? Then the lever cutter is the right support for you. It is typically used in offices, staff rooms, government offices and workshops, but in some cases also privately.

The pile cutting machine

She is the professional among the cutting machines. With their help, paper stacks of great strength and quantity (several hundred sheets) can be easily cut in one go. It offers maximum safety and very precise cuts. The sturdy design of the stacker can weigh more than 50 kg and requires by its relatively large size also more parking space. 

  • If you are looking for a professional cutter for the daily cutting of large quantities and paper thicknesses, the stack cutting machine is the ideal tool. It is most commonly used in print shops and graphic studios.
  • DAHLE 560

    Exakte Hebel-Schneidemaschine mit transparentem Messerschutz

  • DAHLE 508

    Handliche Roll- & Schnitt-Schneidemaschine für Schnitte bis DIN A3

  • DAHLE 842

    Professionelle Stapel-Schneidemaschine für bis zu 300 Blatt