Lever cutting machines for the variety of cutting

Everyone is talking about the paperless office - but we have not arrived there for a long time. Although some of these are digitally available today, in many professions, at universities, schools or in private life, printed material can not be completely dispensed with. For documents such as finalization or correction work, advertising materials, contracts and much more, we still prefer the printed version of the digital version.


This often requires cropping of printouts. Perfect helpers for a precise cut are cutting machines. It is not without reason that they are still to be found in most offices and commercial areas, with "the blues" from Dahle being particularly popular. Did you know that in 1962, Dahle was the first company to introduce the safety automatic for guillotines and thus revolutionized the market? From now on, the system made sure cutting possible with regard to the material.



Lever cutting machines in various variants


If large quantities of paper are to be taken "under the knife" every day and straight cuts are required, the leverage cutting machine is the perfect helper. It is very efficient due to its leverage, cuts very precisely and can process up to 45 sheets per cut. Even large formats are no problem for them. The robust knives have a long service life.

There are lever cutters in simple versions already very cost-effective up to more expensive variants with special functions: from compact desktop device, which also provides reliable service in private households, the professional device with convenience equipment for the office to stack cutting machines, the z. B. used in printing shops. Claw cutters located in public areas, kindergartens, schools or community workrooms should be lockable. Thus, the device can not be used by unauthorized persons.

Advantages of a lever cutting machine at a glance


  • High cutting height (up to 45 sheets / operation) 
  • Low effort 
  • High precision 
  • High quality knife with a long life

Lever cutting machines for aluminum and Co.


And indeed, levers are not just used when cutting paper. Devices that are equipped with a material knife instead of a paper knife can also cut other materials, eg. B.

  • aluminum 
  • roofing felt 
  • wire mesh 
  • label film 
  • fibers 
  • acrylic panels 

Maybe interesting too? It depends on the cut