Shredding - comfortable and sustainable at the same time

Whether email, meeting report or phone note: In every office every day amounts to a large amount of data. A variety of printing is the result. In return at least as many data must be destroyed again safely. Therefore, a reliable paper shredder belongs in every well-stocked department. An ideal choice here are the new document shredder DAHLE MHP Technology®.

Shredding - comfortable and sustainable at the same time

MHP Technology® - which stands for matrix-high performance. Specifically behind hidden quality and extremely durable composite steel rolls, a guarantee of 35 years granted to the Dahle. It is this sustainable reliability is particularly important with the immense destructive to data sets of today. However, the MHP Technology® is just one of the benefits on offer at the new paper shredder series.

At least as much comfort as the MHP Technology® promises the predicate "Oilfree" which saves both effort and cost. For everyday work this means: The time-consuming regular oils the shredder is one thing of the past. Good for the user and the environment. The environmental impact had the Dahle developers also the subject of production in view. The result of their work is a patented manufacturing process that effectively conserves resources by saving on raw materials.

Are complemented practical innovations shredder DAHLE MHP Technology® by the proven Dahle equipment. These include the powerful motor which ensures high performance and for longer durations. Also on the expected level of comfort control panel, users do not have to dispense with the devices.

Another highlight of the Dahle equipment is energy efficient as comfortable operation: So the paper shredder automatically fall after ten minutes in the sleep mode and turn off completely after 30 minutes. In addition, they are extremely quiet, which ensures trouble-free operation in the office.