In three steps to the right file shredder: With Dahle the selection is easy

The range of Dahle includes a large selection of paper shredders. This allows the brand to meet a wide range of requirements - at the same time, this also presents the end user with a problem when searching for a suitable device: Which is the right shredder for your individual needs? Novus Dahle presented its solution at this year's Paperworld in the form of a new product categorization. Three questions regarding application, protection from fine dust and site of application provide a quick response.

In drei Schritten zum passenden Aktenvernichter

Step 1: What level of security must be met during file shredding, and what paper size should be shredded on average? Various categories such as waste, office and security are available. These categories ensure the safety levels P-2, P-4 and P-5.

Step 2: Should the shredder be equipped with a health-assisted CleanTEC filter? Fine dust is not only a problem in road traffic. Paper shredders, printers and other technical devices also cause finest particles that are contaminating the air in interior spaces. The CleanTEC filter is integrated directly into the device and prevents the fine dust from getting into the room at all.

Step 3: How many people use the shredder? Finally, the location and number of employees determine the size of the waste container and the performance of the device. The categories Deskside, Team, Department and VolumePRO are available depending on whether it is used by an individual, a team or an entire department.