New particle-cut shredder with particularly fast autofeed function

The new shredder ShredMATIC 35080 with Autofeed function
corresponds to the security grade P-4 according to DIN 66399 due
to the fine particle cut.

Lingen, July 17, 2018 - With the ShredMATIC 35080, Dahle launches a new document shredder with an autofeed function that can automatically handle stacks of 80 sheets (80 g / m2). Due to its high feed speed, the device is one of the fastest Autofeed models on the market and is also designed for the fine particle cut of safety level P-4 according to DIN 66399. Devices of this security level can be used to destroy particularly sensitive and confidential data - an aspect which has become more relevant in the practical implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May. For the small waste volume associated with the particle cut, the shredder has a catchment container of only approx. 17 liters. In combination with its compact dimensions of 502 x 331 x 218 mm (H x W x D) and an attractive price-performance ratio, the device is optimally suited for space-saving use in the home office as well as in individual and small offices. The product novelty forms the prelude to a new range of products, whose models can process paper stacks of different sizes up to 300 sheets independently and are therefore also geared to the requirements of a professional application at team workplaces and in open-plan offices.

By expanding its product offering, Dahle is responding to the growing interest of users in document shredders with Autofeed functionality. This makes it possible for documents to be simply placed in the input shaft and then automatically pulled in and shredded by the device. Already in 2002, Dahle was one of the first manufacturers to develop a model with this technology up to series production, the marketing of which was then very successful, especially in the Asian markets. With a view to current and future market requirements, based on this extensive know-how for the new particle-cut shredder, both the Autofeed technology has been optimized and the device design revised. Reliable shredding to a particle size of 4.3 x 10 mm is guaranteed not only for new, but also for used, heavily worn and stapled paper sheets. In addition, manual input of up to 8 sheets (80g / m2) can be done simultaneously. Furthermore, the shredder is characterized by an oil and maintenance-free operation. The efficient operation of the scrapers and cutting rollers prevents the deposition of particles or paper dust, which could hinder the cutting mechanism. Therefore, it is possible to dispense with a regular oiling of the device, without there being any loss of performance due to an impairment of the comminution process.

Dahle's product novelty is one of the fastest Autofeed
models on the market due to its high intake speed.