Professional document shredder with manual paper feeder and P5 particle cut

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Technical data

Entry width in mm260 mm
Sheet capacity (80g/sqm)*11 - 13 sheets
Particle size (in mm)2 x 15 mm
Security levelsP-5/F-2/T-5/E-4
Waste collection volume (in l)60 l
Noise level when idle (db)46 dB(A)
Power consumption650 W
Power supply230 V
Speed (m/min)4.4 m/min
Paper clipsyes
Product nameDAHLE 506
Run time10min
Product name506
Weight net44 kg
Article number50322-13841

* Maximum number of sheets which can be cut in a single pass under the following conditions: New cutting cylinders (oiled if necessary), cold motor, power supply with nominal voltage and nominal frequency (230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz). Non-conformances can lead to a lower sheet capacity and increased running noise. Sheets are fed at 90° either portrait or landscape. The sheet capacity may vary depending on paper properties and feed.