Novus Dahle at Paperworld 2020: Intelligent solutions for smart workstations

Novus Dahle has presented its intelligent solutions for modern office environments at Paperworld 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

Dahle at Paperworld 2020

Novus Dahle zeigte auf der Sonderfläche „Büro der Zukunft“ der Paperworld ein Arbeitsplatz-Arrangement, das effizientes Arbeiten fördert und zugleich ein komfortables sowie persönliches Ambiente für die Mitarbeiter schafft.

Frankfurt am Main / Lingen, 29 January 2020 – Novus Dahle has presented its intelligent solutions for modern office environments at Paperworld 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. In the special “Future Office” zone, the company demonstrated examples of how a well-equipped workstation can promote efficient work and at the same time increase the comfort and feel-good factor for workers. The right kind of lighting is included in this and can be achieved, for example, with the Novus Attenzia LED lighting range, featuring HCL technology to adjust the light to suit the body’s natural rhythms. One of the highlights presented by Novus and its partner Kesseböhmer at the exhibition was the “YOYO” app, which now also includes control of Novus lighting. The app allows you to save personal settings for the workstation environment, such as desk height or lighting settings. Another part of the model workstation was the Novus Clu monitor support arm in a smart and elegant design. The integrated gas spring technology makes it easy to adjust the screen to the perfect ergonomic position. The exhibition presentation was rounded off with the DAHLE ShredMATIC® 35314 document shredder with autofeed function for high sheet capacity, as well as staplers and hole punches from the new Novus re+new range, combining the tried-and-tested Novus design and performance with sustainability.

Shared desks are no longer a rarity in the modern work environment. However, workers tend to associate the constant changing of desks with considerable effort, since they always need to “set up” the desk to begin with. This inconvenience is dealt with by the “YOYO” space booking app, which offers numerous options including the possibility of saving personal settings. The application can, for example, be used to adjust the light temperature to the person’s natural rhythms. This increases concentration during work phases and promotes regeneration during breaks and at the end of the working day. The Novus Attenzia space active HCL can also be controlled using the app. The floor lamp is characterised by its sophisticated, minimalist design, the latest German LED technology, and well-conceived equipment details. The exceptionally smart luminaire head comprises three panels, which can be independently rotated by 270°. Not only do these offer variable light control like never seen before, but they also provide a distinction between both direct and indirect lighting options. The ability to control the panels separately and the exceptional light performance specifications offer glare-free workstation lighting in addition to pleasant ceiling illumination.

Efficient work is also made possible by the document shredders in the Dahle ShredMATIC® range, which can automatically process stacks of paper of any size up to 300 sheets (80g/m2) and are currently the fastest autofeeders on the market thanks to their high entry speed. They have also been designed for fine particle sizes in accordance with security level P-4 DIN 66399, which means they can be used for shredding particularly sensitive and confidential data. The paper storage tray is lockable with a key-operated switch, complying with GDPR regulations. The document shredders guarantee reliable shredding, not only for paper that is as good as new, but also for used, well-worn and stapled sheets of paper. The efficient operation of the scrapers and cutting cylinders also prevents the build-up of particles and paper dust, which can obstruct the cutting mechanism. This means that there is no need to oil or service the machine regularly, with no risk of loss of performance due to impairment of the shredding process.

The smart design of the Novus Clu monitor support arm is influenced by the Scandinavian design style currently popular with interior designers and outfitters. Black decorative elements on white- or silver-painted high-quality metal, as well as a completely black version, reflect current colour and material trends. The new ranges offers several different models, including a duo support arm for workstations with two screens. Since these have practically become a standard feature of modern offices, the duo support arm fulfils market requirements perfectly. Each support arm can hold a screen weighing between 2 and 7 kilograms. The product range also includes various mounting solutions. For example, attachment to office organisation walls, such as the Novus SlatWall, is not a problem. Used in combination with the relevant accessories, including storage boxes, pencil cups and tablet or smartphone holders, as well as suitable lighting, organisation walls provide a third level for storing just about any equipment.

The hole punches and staplers in the Novus re+new range also fit in with a current trend in the industry, meeting the constantly increasing demand from consumers for environmentally-friendly products. The devices are made to a large extent from recycled material. This material consists of recycled plastics from post-consumer waste, which goes into recycling after being used for the first time for other consumer goods, such as refrigerators. Depending on the model, up to 95 percent of the total amount of plastic used in production is recycled plastic from a EuCertPlast-certified supplier. The differences in the proportion of the total plastic required is down to the different properties of the devices. The best type of material is used to ensure these properties. For example: the base of Novus hole punches is non-slip and can be opened half-way, which means that other materials are more suitable than ABS plastic.