Take the stress out of shredding

DAHLE, the specialist for innovative office technology, presents eleven new document shredders: the ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® ranges offer the perfect device for any application.

User-friendly document shredders: DAHLE ShredMATIC®  and PaperSAFE® 

DAHLE, the specialist for innovative office technology, presents eleven new document shredders: the ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® ranges offer the perfect device for any application. Designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of users, from data protection officers in corporate archives to individuals working from home, DAHLE has the right document shredder for everyone. The product line includes devices for both highly efficient and highly secure document shredding. Once again DAHLE proves that document shredding doesn’t have to be stressful – with the right shredder, it can be easy, fast and secure.


Data privacy compliant document shredding made easy

Despite rapid advancements in digitalisation, most businesses aren’t quite ready to make their offices entirely paperless. Old files, documents that have to be in writing for legal reasons, information that customers still prefer to receive on paper – shredding paper files remains an important aspect of data protection at companies of all sizes and in all industries.

DAHLE has stood for efficient, durable and reliable shredders for many years. The devices in the new DAHLE ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® series meet required standards, so users can relax when it comes to destroying their files. Eleven innovative devices are available covering a variety of security levels, workplaces and functionalities.

The document shredders in both ranges cut documents into very fine particles, meeting even very high data protection requirements. The devices in the ShredMATIC® series are suitable for destroying especially sensitive data, as they shred paper to security level P-4 in accordance with DIN 66399. The eight document shredders in the PaperSAFE® series offer security levels from P-2 to P-5.


Comfortable and reliable shredding

The faster documents scheduled to be destroyed are shredded, the more users can relax as they face this recurring or even daily task. The three shredders in the DAHLE ShredMATIC® series are among the fastest on the market: depending on the model, their automatic paper feeder enables them to shred up to 90, 150 or 300 sheets per load. This autofeed function saves valuable time and is excellent for high volumes of documents.

The DAHLE PaperSAFE® models for small and home offices are easy to use, but they also offer a wide range of convenient functionalities: the feeding and reversing function ensures rapid correction of feed-in errors so nothing gets stuck. The automatic start and stop function is both practical and conserves energy, switching the device off as soon as no more paper is fed in. Users don’t have to repeatedly switch the device back on, either – it reactivates automatically when more paper is inserted. The waste collection volume ranges from 11 to 40 litres depending on the model. Models with a separate CD feed opening can also securely destroy optical data carriers.

All new DAHLE document shredders are designed to optimally utilise waste container volume by shredding items into extra fine particles, so the collection bin has to be emptied less frequently. Largely oil-free operation means the devices are low-maintenance and always ready for use, making the new DAHLE document shredders excellent office assistants that do their job securely, reliably and quickly. There could hardly be a better reason to relax about document shredding.


A minimalist look for modern design

From company headquarters to their own home office, users today have high expectations when it comes to the modern and functional design of furniture and devices. With its timeless grey colour scheme, the minimalist look of the new DAHLE document shredders perfectly complements contemporary corporate and home offices. The coherent design of the DAHLE ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® series supports a unified office furnishing style, accurately meeting users’ expectations.

Made of hard-wearing materials that live up to the challenges of daily office use, these document shredders are not only elegant in design, but also extremely robust and highly durable. Design, functionality and reliability – these are precisely the attributes DAHLE has come to stand for.


User-friendly innovations from the international specialist.

The new devices in the ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® series once again position DAHLE as a quality provider of document shredders. The company’s extensive product range equips retailers with solutions to any customer request, while end customers can be certain to find the perfect device for their needs. A high-profile advertising campaign will accompany the market launch of the new products and is sure to catch consumers’ eyes.

Novus Dahle GmbH, the parent company of DAHLE, is a subsidiary of the emco Group based in Lingen, Germany. The international group has 1,200 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of EUR 150 million. Novus Dahle GmbH supplies products and system solutions that enable people to work more comfortably and more efficiently. DAHLE is synonymous with high-tech devices and “German engineering” and provides sophisticated, high-quality products. The document shredders in the ShredMATIC® and PaperSAFE® series once again demonstrate that DAHLE understands the needs of users and knows how to meet them in modern and innovative ways.



Photos:   Novus Dahle

Date:      22/02/2021